Export Marketing and Development Grant (EMDG)

The Export Market Development Grant program (also known as Export Grants or EMDG) is an assistance program administered by Austrade and is available to help exporters market and promote their products overseas.

To be eligible for EMDG program, an exporter needs to have the capacity to export or be exporting, promote eligible products and pay for the eligible promotional expenses.

Austrade will reimburse up to $150,000 with a minimum of $5,000 if you meet the eligibility criteria.

Amongst the eligibility criteria that you should be aware of are that:

  • you need to spend at least $15,000;
  • you have to have export sales by your third application;
  • New Zealand is not an export country for purposes of the EMDG program;

For an introduction to EMDG, go to this presentation.

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